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Money Maze Bank Blue - Happy Hands Toys

Money Maze Puzzle Box

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Money Maze Puzzle Box

Note: Now Made With Clear Top

With a web of turns, dead ends, and pitfalls, this labyrinth brain teaser is good brain-tingling fun. Younger children will enjoy moving the ball around the money maze, trying to find it when it falls onto another side of the cube, or simply enjoy the rattling sound it makes when you shake it. Older children, teens, and adults will benefit from the challenge of the money puzzle box. It is neither too easy nor too hard to solve the puzzle. A secret compartment flips open once you have solved the maze revealing a cube-shaped box for your treasure. The ball instantly resets to the start position after each resolution. It can be used as a piggy bank with a coin slot big enough for larger coins or open it, tuck in a bill or two, and close it back up. Considering the effort to retrieve the money, it could be just the right amount of reasoning time to rethink an unnecessary spontaneous purchase. It is a great tool to assist in teaching children about basic money management. Or hide a treat inside and give new meaning to unwrapping a present! It may be a romantic way to surprise a puzzle lover with something extra special and shiny!

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The money maze box is made from durable plastic but it does have a small metal marble inside that if broken, could cause a choking hazard. The size of the maze is about 4 x 4 x 4 inches