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Magic Sensory Sand

Magic Sensory Sand

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Ordinary sand is free flowing and cannot form a structure that holds its shape. Because of its water-repellent properties, when Magic Sand is poured into water, it holds its shape and can even be molded into structures under water.
Magic Sand is regular sand which has been dyed and coated with a hydrophobic substance - a substance which repels water. Oil, for example, is a hydrophobic substance. Pour a little oil into a cup of water and the oil does not mix; it simply floats to the surface. Magic Sand works just the same way except that Magic Sand sinks. The coating on the outside of the magic sand repels water and keeps the sand dry! To store, simply remove the sand from the water with a spoon... it is perfectly dry! Comes in one pound packages.
  • Function: Sensory
  • Warning: do not eat
  • Age Range: 5-7 Years
  • Size: 500g Bag

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