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Horse Fidget Pencil Topper - Happy Hands Toys

Horse Pencil Topper Fidget

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Chewable Horse Pencil Toppers


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For anyone who thinks best while chewing on a pen lid or tapping a pencil eraser to your lip, here is a sounder alternative! Smartly designed as a mature chess piece, this chewable pencil topper will blend seamlessly with your office supplies and is perfect for adults and teens as well as children. The head of the horse hook s nicely on your lower lip. The smooth bridle of its head is pleasing in the mouth. Turn it on its side and roll the topper along your lip and chin for a light pressure massage. Also useful as a fidget, it adds a pleasing weight to the pencil. Try balancing it in your hand or hook the horse head around your little finger. The silicone is squeezable too. So easy to use, convenient and discrete, this pencil topper may become a favorite among your chewable items.

NOTE: This chew is medium resistance and best for moderate chewers.

Caution: To avoid injury always inspect your chewable item regularly and replace it if you notice the damage. Does not work as an eraser.

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 *The color might be slightly different due to lighting and computer displays.

Chew scale - Halfway between Mild and Moderate