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Chewables - Hoodie Chews

Hoodie Chews

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Hoodie Drawstring Chews

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Have you or your kid ever chewed off the plastic off hooded sweatshirt drawstrings? It's a bad habit, but we found a solution. Introducing hoodie chews which slide on the sweatshirt drawstrings and gives you something better to chew on. The rectangles are made from BPA free, food-grade silicone and are a great alternative to frayed hoodie strings. Get your set of hoodie chews only at Happy Hands.Toys.

Chewable Item Care

 *The color might be slightly different due to lighting and computer displays.

Caution: Always inspect your chewable item regularly and replace it if you notice damage. The chew fidget could be a choking hazard for children under three. Be aware that if chewed on hard enough it will form small pieces that can be swallowed and cause harm.