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Fiddle Faces

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Fiddle Faces Fiddle Toy

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These fun little fiddle toys each have a unique set of buttons, switches, gears, rollers, spinners, and more -- all disguised as features on a fun character face! A great addition to a child's backpack or keychain. 
Roll, Flip, Spin, Swivel, Push and Click these cute little monster faces to relieve stress or to stim with. An optional attachable cord allows you to easily attach it to your backpack, or belt loop so it won't get lost! With these adorable monsters, you'll always have something close by to fiddle with during stressful times or when concentrating. With the option to buy all three for less there is no reason not to collect them all.


 WARNING: Small parts, choking hazard. The fiddle faces are made from durable plastic and measure about 1.75 x. 1.75 x 2. Be aware these stim toys have small pieces that can break off so not recommended for children under three. The color might be slightly different due to lighting and computer displays.