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Color Changing Putty

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Amazing Color Changing Putty


Tickle your inner artistic love of color with the Amazing Color Changing Putty! Like all putty, you can manipulate, knead, twist, stretch and pleat it but with the added pleasure of body heat-activated color-changing fun. It is art in real-time, fluctuating while you create. When you are finished it will cool and settle back into its resting color, ready to be remolded into something new. Before you begin sculpting, take the time to warm the putty by kneading it in your hands watching it slowly change color; great for building up hand strength. Once the putty has transformed, form it into simple or complex shapes and watch your creation change as you work it. For example: form a piece into a ball. Using the rest of the putty, make fine strings to wrap around the ball as if rolling up a ball of wool. See how the pieces contrast as they change temperature. The more you wrap it and the finer the strands, the more complex the effect. Great for visual and tactile sensory pleasure! Amazing Colour Changing Putty comes in four happy, creative colors for ages three and up!  

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  • Function: Tactile Fidget
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Specifications: 50g