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Aluminum Bar Spinner Fidget - Happy Hands Toys

Aluminum Bar Spinner Fidget

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Best Aluminum Bar Spinner

ONLY available for U.S. orders! 

These are made out of aluminum and lighter in weight but they have a great spin. Bar spinners are smaller for smaller hands and perfect for kids or adults. Comes in five colors and they come in their own box! These are very popular items now a days, so make sure your kids are not left out. Spinners are a great way for the kids to interact with each other and "break the ice".

Fidget spinners / hand spinners are small portable toys with a frame that spins on ball bearings in the middle. They are held between the thumb and finger and spun. Nearly noiseless, they offer fidgeting with repetitive motion and vibration for one or both hands. Helps focus for anxiety, autism, add, adhd, sensory and special needs.


  • Function: Spinnable Toy
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Age Range: > 5 years old
  • Material: Aluminium