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3D Maze Ball Labyrinth

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3D Maze Ball Labyrinth

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Is there strain in your brain? Are things bothering you or getting on top of you? You might want to think of giving one of these numbers a go. Ideal for at home or on a desk at work, these mazes offer a fiendishly complex challenge that takes up most of your concentration so you can take a break from your strife.

Inside a crystal clear plastic ball is a brightly coloured three dimensional maze featuring dozens of steps and hazards and a single ball-bearing. The maze will tap into your ingenuity, your observation and planning skills and test your dexterity to the max. The hazards are distracting to the eye and require tilting the orb over and around to get the bearing from A to B.

Maybe not ideal for someone who is dyspraxic, but a challenging and diverting puzzle for anyone else.

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  • Function: Puzzle
  • Age > 3 years
  • Size: 6" diameter
  • Material: Plastic
  • WARNING: Small parts, Choking hazard