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3 Putty Bundle - Happy Hands Toys

3 Putty Bundle

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All of our different putties in one bundle! Three putties for the price of two.

  • Scarab - Like the beetle that shares its name, the Scarab Putty will dazzle you with its metallic glistening sheen. Stretch it out slowly into the glass like ribbons folding them over on each other in waves. Pull it apart sharply until it breaks leaving an admirable, raw, sheered edge. Visually and tactile appealing, this putty has a rubbery feel and bounces if you shape it into a ball. Mold it and sculpt it as desired or just massage it in your hand to reduce stress and strengthen hand muscles. It offers wonderful resistance to physical therapy. When you are finished, place it in its tin and let it rest. The next time you choose to play you will be delighted to find it has spread to the edges of the tin creating a smooth, glassy, translucent disc that you can pry out in one piece. Massage it to return the putty to a pliable form. It comes in three scarab beetle metallic colours and is great for ages three to adulthood.
  • Magnetic - Ready to combine your love of putty with your love for magnets? Like all putty, the Magnetic Hand Putty is great for building hand strength, making creative designs, stretching, pressing, folding and carving but it has the additional pleasure of being magnetic! Accessorized with its very own robust square magnet, playability can be transformed from ordinary into a scientific examination or a contemporary art form. Watch the magnet slowly sink into the putty until it buries itself and you must dig it out again, hunting for buried treasure. Pull it out feeling the resistance and observe the pattern it leaves behind. Or stretch it out until the magnet peeks out and declares itself. Use the magnet to add a square pattern onto your design or roll it along the putty to carve peculiar ribbons of erosion. Worried about losing your magnet in the goo after you have stored it? Have no fear! The putty will hug around it while it sits in the tin but you will know where it is every time by the pattern the magnetism induces! Worried about losing your tin? Place the magnet at the bottom of the tin under the putty, close it up and place the tin on a metal surface such as your fridge or filing cabinet. The magnet is strong enough to stick. Choose from four putty colours appealing to ages three and up ( please be aware of small parts).
  • Color Changing - Tickle your inner artistic love of color with the Amazing Colour Changing Putty! Like all putty, you can manipulate, knead, twist, stretch and pleat it but with the added pleasure of body heat activated color-changing fun. It is art in real time, fluctuating while you create. When you are finished it will cool and settle back into its resting color, ready to be remolded into something new. Before you begin sculpting, take the time to warm the putty by kneading it in your hands watching it slowly change color; great for building up hand strength. Once the putty has transformed, form it into simple or complex shapes and watch your creation change as you work it. For example: form a piece into a ball. Using the rest of the putty, make fine strings to wrap around the ball as if rolling up a ball of wool. See how the pieces contrast as they change temperature. The more you wrap it and the finer the strands, the more complex the effect. Great for visual and tactile sensory pleasure! Amazing Colour Changing Putty comes in four happy, creative colors for ages three and up!