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2 Pcs LED Flashing Ball Sensory Toy

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LED Flashing Ball


These are great sensory exploration toys and have LED flashing lights. They squeak when squeezed but the squeaker can be removed without affecting the ball. The ball lights up when bounced or shaken. The balls have short spikes all over for individuals who crave tactile sensory input.
Hands are really happy with these exploration squeeze balls! Unlike foam stress balls, this ball requires more pressure to squeeze so, children and adults who enjoy deep pressure will love these balls. 
Sensory toys are toys that provide sensations like texture, lights, movement, and/or pressure that many people with autism, fasd, and sensory processing disorder  often need.
  • Function: Sensory Exploration Toys
  • Age Range: > 3
  • Diameter: 2.5 inches
  • Material: Rubber