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Jennifer Lisi @BiteSmaller

Jennifer Lisi @BiteSmaller

Autism (diagnosed in adulthood)

Here’s a small bite of my world: I have verbal difficulties ( stammering, scripting, sometimes muteness) coupled with auditory difficulties linked to my sensory environment, yet despite my communicative difficulties, I am also an extrovert! I
love and need people in my life. Fidgeting and not forcing eye contact helps me to hear better and maintain fulfilling relationships with my friends. And I never underestimate the value of a smile. I am a vlogger, writer, and singer from Canada. I am married and a mom of an autistic teen and a typical teen. You can find me on twitter @BiteSmaller and my YouTube channel Bite Smaller. Happy spinning!

Christa Holmans (aka Neurodivergent Rebel)

Christa Holmans (aka Neurodivergent Rebel)

Christa Holmans (aka Neurodivergent Rebel) is a person who honestly enjoys pursuing her diverse passions. She has embodied many of these over the years. From aerial acrobatics & circus arts to dog training & retail management, just to name a few. She started the Neurodivergent Rebel blog in 2016 and can be found advocating on Twitter as @NeuroRebel, destroying stigma & spreading positivity. Christa currently enjoys living with her best friend & partner in crime, David (along with 4 dogs), in the peaceful city of Georgetown, Texas.