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Jennifer Lisi @BiteSmaller

Autistic (diagnosed in adulthood)

Jennifer Lisi @BiteSmaller

Here’s a small bite of my world: I have verbal difficulties ( stammering, scripting, sometimes muteness) coupled with auditory difficulties linked to my sensory environment, yet despite my communicative difficulties, I am also an extrovert! I love and need people in my life. Fidgeting and not forcing eye contact helps me to hear better and maintain fulfilling relationships with my friends. And I never underestimate the value of a smile. I am a vlogger, writer, and singer from Canada. I am married and a mom of an autistic teen and a typical teen. You can find me on twitter @BiteSmaller and my YouTube channel Bite Smaller. Happy spinning!


Lyric Holmans (aka Neurodivergent Rebel)

Christa Holmans (aka Neurodivergent Rebel)

Lyric Holmans is an autistic self-advocate from Texas who runs the neurodiversity lifestyle blog Neurodivergent Rebel. They are also the founder of NeuroDivergent Consulting. Lyric is known as the pioneer of the #AskingAutistics hashtag, where simple questions prompt open-ended responses that Autistic people can easily chime in with, and invites participants to engage each other in conversations related to the topic. This hashtag connects NeuroDiverse people who would not otherwise have a reason to engage with each other, and fosters collective understanding of the Autistic Experience.



Fidgeteen is a 19-year-old college student and blogger dedicated to increasing access to effective strategies and resources for people with any kind of sensory processing related need. They have trichotillomania, dermatillomania, depression, anxiety, sensory issues, and suspected ASD, and run an advice blog about living with a neurodiverse brain in a neurotypical world. Fidgeteen can be found on tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and wordpress.



Quinn was diagnosed as autistic years before the spectrum was acknowledged and has watched as understanding of autism has grown and changed since. After decades of successfully concealing his differences (Masking) he was suddenly exposed to the ignorance and prejudice autistic people face daily, in a way he had never been before. It galvanised him to take action and Autistamatic was born. Quinn now works through writing, video production and activism to educate people, both on and off the spectrum, about the experience of autistic people and their potential to enhance our world if given the right opportunities. We aren't just autistic, because every day can be an Autistamatic day.


Holistic Autistic

Holistic Autistic - Female presenting person with dark hair and dark eyes wearing a black shirt with a white collar and a large black hat with feathers and veil.

I am an autistic advocate passionate about connecting the autistic community and advocating for neurodiversity. After being diagnosed as an adult and looking back at definitive points in my life, my goal is to support other autistic adults. Through Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, I created Holistic Autistic as a platform to encourage embracing autistic identity, provide advice, and promote building up our community.

 White female appearing person with curly short blue hair, large round light colored glasses, a septum ring and a lip ring is wearing a black top with a white open sweater. Their head is tilted to the right as they look into the camera. They are standing in front of a blue wall with white polka dots.

Jordee Abadeer

Jordee Abadeer (she/they) is an autistic multi-medium artist and creator. After discovering they are autistic as an adult, she has found extreme love and joy in stimming. You can find this artist and some of their other work here:


White appearing person facing the camera with their head slightly tilted to the left. They have long, dark, wavy hair that is dyed teal on the ends. They have a slight smile and are looking into the camera. They are wearing a white tank top and a crystal necklace on a black cord.

Elliot Johnson

Elliot Johnson (he/they) is an autistic artist who works primarily with knitting and crochet. They are very excited to combine his passion for knitting with his love of stimming. You can find more of his work here: