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Handmade Marble Maze Keychain - Support Autistic Artists

Handmade Marble Maze Keychain - Support Autistic Artists

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Super Soft Marble Maze Keychain

These handmade, super soft Marble Maze Keychains are amazing. There are three styles of mazes made out of super soft mink-like fabric. The front of the maze is patterned with a solid back color. The maze has a marble in between the fabric with a maze-like pattern sewn in. Push the marble with your fingers through the maze from one side to the other. The feeling of the material as you push the marble is so satisfying. These measure about 4" x 2.25" with a keychain ring which is perfect for on the go.

Support Autistic Artists!

About The Artist

White female appearing person with curly short blue hair, large round light colored glasses, a septum ring and a lip ring is wearing a black top with a white open sweater. Their head is tilted to the right as they look into the camera. They are standing in front of a blue wall with white polka dots.

Jordee Abadeer (she/they) is an autistic multi-medium artist and creator. After discovering they are autistic as an adult, she has found extreme love and joy in stimming. You can find this artist and some of their other work here: