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Sensory Beads

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Sensory Water Beads

 These fun, squishy, wet beads are great for tactile sensory seekers. Place a few non-toxic hydrogel beads in water and enjoy as they grow to full size within a few hours.

Dip your fingers and/or toes into the cool wet sensation. Watch the sensory beads jiggle and shake. They are beautiful when held up to the light. Spark a love of science, great for science projects & experiments. Children (and adults) will enjoy watching the Sensory Water Beads grow as they absorb water and shrink as they dry.

This set comes with approximately 10,000 beads that can be dried out and stored to rehydrate at a later time. Because of their wet nature, Sensory Water Beads are ideal to keep in the home and may not travel well. Although the beads are non-toxic they are NOT edible and may not be suitable for small children. Adult supervision is recommended with this item.

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WARNING: Choking Hazard-Small parts. These are made from Hydrogel and not meant for consumption. DO NOT EAT the beads! The bag weighs 3oz and is similar to our Large Water Beads. These are not meant for children three and under.