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Rainbow Puzzle Ball

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Rainbow Puzzle Ball

The Rainbow Puzzle Ball is a three-dimensional matching game that is neither too easy nor too hard. This plastic puzzle ball can be enjoyed individually or shared as a turn-taking activity to achieve a single goal, matching each colour to its corresponding base. To begin the game, enjoy tactile resistance as you push on a coloured ball to flip it under to an adjacent empty hole. Each flip makes a satisfying clicking sound. Continue this motion, mixing the balls around from their initial home until they are all mixed up. The more you move them, the more challenging the puzzle! When you are happy they are shuffled about enough, work out how to bring each coloured ball back to the corresponding hued hole. See how fast you can solve it! Challenge a friend to mix them up for you! Made of hard plastic, this ball does not bounce but it can be rolled to watch the colours whizzing past or simply turn the sphere over in your hand and admire each colour. It is small enough to pack for fun on the go and makes a good travel game with no small pieces to worry over losing. It is great for ages three and up.

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This ball puzzle measures about three inches wide. The puzzle is heavier and could be thrown so supervision recommended for children under three. The colored balls take a little force to push in to solve the puzzle.