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Spiky Magnetic Balls Silver - Happy Hands Toys

Spiky Magnetic Balls

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Spiky Magnetic Balls

Visually appealing, these two gleaming sunny orbs are perfect for use in one hand or two for anyone ages five to adulthood. Unlike other spiky fidget toys, the spiky magnetic balls are made of hard plastic and do not give when you squeeze your hand around it. The resistance of each nodule provides beneficial and satisfying pressure. Be sure to roll it around each finger to gratify your touch seeking nerves and ease that restless squirmy feeling. But here is the best part: Each orb is lightly magnetized! Turn the orbs until they attract together, turn them again, and watch them repel each other! The magnetic attraction is light enough to allow you to freely move the orbs without them sticking continuously but heavy enough that they will support the weight of the other when you lift them. Hold them just close enough together to feel the invisible magnetic pull or resistance. Can you make one move by only moving the other? Spin them around each other in one hand to help improve dexterity. Can you keep them apart while they orbit? Be prepared for these little stars to become a surprise favorite in your fidget library!

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Warning: Choking hazard! These balls are small enough to fit in a mouth. Supervision should be used for children under three years of age. Caution dropping the balls can break/separate the halves.