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Spinner Fidget Square

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Square Fidget Spinner Toy

This square spinning metal fidget toy is great for anyone who has constantly busy hands and loves visual stimming. It's small and portable size allow the Fidget Spinner Cube to easily be carried in most pant or jacket pockets. Made of sturdy metal, it also has a nice weight and feels to it. The cube spins freely and easily, making a little "wooshing" sound as its momentum creates a pleasant vibrating sensation in the user's fingers. As you quickly and easily spin the Fidget Spinner Cube, it creates a beautiful visual illusion that is fun to watch. If you need to be quiet or discrete it is easy to quietly rotate this metal fidget in your hands or under a desk. The cube comes nicely packaged in a protective metal storage tin for safekeeping. Great places to use the Fidget Spinner Cube include, but are not limited to, the office, the car, in class, the park, or the classroom.

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WARNING: Choking Hazard-Small parts. The square spinners are held together by magnets and could be taken apart making a choking hazard out of the pieces. Not advised for children under five years old. The spinner is metal and heavy. Use caution around breakable items such as glass tables.