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Small Infinity Cube Fidget Black  - Happy Hands Toys

Infinity Cube Fidget

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Infinity Cube Fidget

New Mini Infinity Cubes!
Watch in wonder at the little cube that flips for infinity times over! Similar to the motion of Jacob's ladder, you control the movement. Begin with the open sides of the cube facing up. Flip the sides down flat into a rectangle shape. Next, encouraged by gravity, the rectangle will want to split down the middle and the long way first, then in half to form a cube again. Want to see it again? There is no need to flip it over because the motion continues the same as the first time! And it will continue as long as you care to play with it! Enjoy the visual gratification of this little engineering enigma or just fiddle with it in one hand for endless tactile fidgeting pleasure. Sound seekers will enjoy the satisfying soft clap each turn produces. The infinity cube comes in basic black, great for adults and teens choosing subtler colours for their fidget style, and is small enough to fit in a desk drawer, very office chic. It can also be enjoyed in a brighter white, green, or coppery orange colour. The coppery orange also has patterning on its surface that is fun to examine closely. It is all-around fun you will go back to again and again, for ages five and up!

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Warning: Choking Hazard: Some infinity cubes have ball-bearings in the cubes that could come loose. Not recommended for children 4 and under. The fidget cubes are made from durable plastic with metal rivets in the hinges.

Size: Small measures about 1.6 inches square and the Mini measures about 1.3 inches square.