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Magnetic Puzzle Cube - Happy Hands Toys

Magnetic Puzzle Cube

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Magnetic Puzzle Cube Fidget

Made with tetromino pieces which are based on the game Tetris, this puzzle game cube is fun and challenging. With strong magnets to hold the pieces together, this puzzle game is sure to keep your mind moving. To add another level of difficulty other than just making the cube are playing cards with different shapes to try to solve. The magnetic puzzle cube is perfect for anyone that loves challenging puzzle games but is also perfect just to make shapes. This cube is made with durable transparent plastic and has powerful magnets making it a great toy for kids or adults.

Unfortunately, I (Stephanie) ordered the wrong version of the cubes and our cubes are not in English. We are updating the packaging to be plain and smaller with the Happy Hands sticker. Also, the included deck is a slightly different style, colors, and also not in English. I've recorded a demo of the changes below:

Warning: Small parts / choking hazard! With small pieces, this magnetic cube is not recommended for children under three. This puzzle toy is made out of durable plastic and has small metal magnets in the pieces. Comes with a deck of challenge cards.