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Flip Stick Fidget Toy

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Flip Stick Fidget Toy

 Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones, the Flip stick is a perfect example! Modestly designed this wooden fidget feels nice in your hand. It is thick in the middle narrowing at the lightly weighted ends that are tipped with rubber to help prevent scratching. The Flip stick likes to be upright and if you knock it down on a flat surface it will flip in an attempt to right itself. With practice, you can make a game of starting the roll and stop it or let it rest on your hand. Give it a toss and challenge yourself with how many air born cartwheels it can do before you catch it. Lay it flat and spin it or simply twirl it in one hand. Holding the tip, rest the base on your desk and let your fingers slide down the wood, turn it around and do it again. It is amazing that such a minimally designed fidget can have so many possibilities! Let your mind wander. Depending on how you use it, it can be a calming focusing tool at work or a delightfully challenging game at home. Great for all ages over three, it comes in both bright colours and black and white.

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Includes weighted metal inside the wooden drum for ease of use. The length is about 3 1/2" and is recommended for ages four years old and up

Flip stick fidget toy demo