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Two Puffer Bundle - Happy Hands Toys

Two Puffer Bundle

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Two Puffer Bundle


These adorable chubby puffers are easy to play catch, juggle, shake and squeeze. They appeal to textile, visual and auditory sensory seekers. Delight in their bright attire, flashing LED lights and goofy expressions that you can tweak with a squeeze or a stretch. Give them a shake to enjoy their gleeful twinkly jingle sound or stretch out a group of the tines and allow them to snap back slowly. It sounds a bit like popcorn popping but quieter. Rub them in your palms to relish the soft tickle of their rubbery prongs. The round puffer is equipped with a rubbery cord allowing it to bounce off your hand like a punch balloon in a yo-yo fashion. Try the same motion with the small hoop on top of the oval one and watch him bounce super fast sending his tines a jiggling! They have a mild rubbery smell and may appeal to all ages three and up.

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Function: Sensory Toy
Age: > 3 years
Size: Round 3.5", Oval 2.5" by 5"
Material: Rubber