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8 Pcs Nuts And Bolts Pencil Toppers

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Nuts And Bolts Pencil Toppers

Many of us fidget more when we need to concentrate, at school or in the office. It helps us think clearer and stay on task. These Nuts & Bolts pencil topper fidgets keep the tools for the job well at hand sitting conveniently on top of a pencil. Run your fingers along the plastic ridges of the nut or lift it on and off the pencil. Spin the bolt slowly down the nut for a thoughtful vibe or flick one of the faster bolts for a fast whirling experience. Turn them all the way to the top or bottom where they will tighten then release them and go the other way. Hold the bolt and rotate the pencil back and forth. Squeeze your hand around the bolt tines for deep pressure. The nuts and bolts come in brightly coloured plastic and can be fun to play with minus the pencil. Make a tower out of them or line them in a row and see if you can knock them all down by pushing only one. Peer through the hollow centers and see the world through a circular frame. Great fidget fun for ages three and up.

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WARNING: Small parts, Choking hazard! These pencil toppers are small so not recommended for kids under three years old. The nuts and bolts fidget measure about an inch long and are made out of durable plastic. Eight included in each package and are a must for school.