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Spiky Sensory Ring

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Spiky Rubber Sensory Ring

Have trouble with grip strength or sensory processing disorder? These rubber spiky rings might be perfect for you. Some of our returning customers will remember the other spiky rings we had that were a bit too hard to squeeze. The new rings are softer rubber and have a much nicer feel than the ones we sold. Most adults should be able to squeeze these but they do take a little strength. The spiky rings have little nubs or spikes all around them for sensory seekers and also a very nice rubbery feel.

Warning: These rings are not meant for oral sensory input as they are not silicone and should not be chewed on. The spiky sensory rings measure about 2.5 inches wide and come in a few different colors. These are recommended for children three and older. The color might be slightly different due to lighting and computer displays.