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Burr Bamboo Puzzles

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Burr Bamboo Brain Puzzles

What an amazing and challenging way to pass time or to focus your mind. These burr puzzles are made from sustainable materials and will challenge even the best minds. The large 7.5 cm single puzzles are packaged in a gift box and the mini 4.5 cm puzzle bundles come loose. These puzzles come in varying challenging configurations. The brain teasers can be hard to take apart but most of them have a "key" piece that should come apart fairly easily. Some parts are easy to break so use caution when disassembling. The small square puzzle has a "key" piece that sticks when fully assembled. It can be pushed out with a little force but should loosen up over time. 

Warning: The puzzles come apart into smaller pieces and can be a choking hazard. Not recommended for children under three. The puzzles have a shiny coating of stain on them so they are not safe for oral sensory needs. 

***** 5 Star Hardest
**** 4 Star  Harder
*** 3 Star Hard
** 2 Star Basic

The mini puzzle bundles contain at least:

  • 1 ** Basic 
  • 1 *** Hard
  • 1 **** Harder

NOTE: These can be frustrating so we have a YouTube puzzle solution playlist. Once you find the solution, the puzzles become very rewarding to put together.