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Metal Ball Spinner

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Metal Ball Fidget Spinner

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If you like a stim toy which feels solid, heavy and high quality, then this is for you. Made rugged plated alloy and about 40mm (1 5/8”) in diameter, this unusual spinner works on many levels.

On one level it works much like any other spinner – hold two opposing faces between thumb and finger and spin it. The faces are 3 different colours on opposite faces so when you spin it, the two alternating colours on the remaining four sides create a satisfying kaleidoscopic blur.

The six faces all spin independently of each other which brings a whole new level to this little ball of ingenuity. It fits nicely into the palm of adult hands so when you feel the need to fiddle, but need to be discrete you can spin the faces with thumb and fingertips without the super-smooth bearings making a sound to alert or disturb anyone.

A fantastic stim toy for anyone with fidgety fingers.

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  • Function: Spinnable
  • Age Range: > 5  Years
  • Diameter: 1.3 Inches
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Random