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Chewables - Silicone Tube Necklace BPA Free

Silicone Tube Chewable Necklace BPA Free

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U-Tube Necklace


For anyone with a tendency to chew or suck on non edible items like clothing sleeves, pens, jewellery, or even your fingers and fingernails , the Silicone Tube Chewable Necklace offers a safer option. This simple u-shaped BPA free silicone accessory is made to withstand light chewing and sucking. Tap or hold it to your lips for mild pressure. The tube is flexible and can stretch out to hug your jaw if desired. Or it can fold, held in your fist, to access the outside center of the U. As an added bonus, the hollow design is pliable and squeezable for fidgeting satisfaction as well as chewing. Use two hands to stretch the u shape backwards, twisting it and releasing to feel it bounce back to its original shape. The cord is soft, not scratchy, can easily be shortened to a desired length and comes with a quick release safety clasp. It is easy to wear as a necklace or shorten the cord to your wrist size and wear it as a bracelet.

Caution: To avoid injury, do not chew on the cord or the safety clasp. Always inspect your chewable item regularly and replace it if you notice damage.

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Function: Chewable
Age: > 3 years
Material: Silicone
Length: 25 inches