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Crystal Chew Necklace Blue - Happy Hands Toys

Crystal Chew Necklace

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Crystal Pendant Chew Necklace

This crystal chew necklace makes a great subtle sensory addition to any of your outfits! Suitable for light to moderate chewers, this chewy’s material offers much more “give,” akin to the texture of gum or chewy candy. Its smooth edges can be rubbed to provide a calming experience. It can also be bent and twisted for use as a fidget. Its length makes it easily suitable to be chewed on the front teeth or molars without much effort. 

NOTE: This chew is low to medium resistance and best for mild to moderate chewers.

Caution: To avoid injury, do not chew on the cord or the safety clasp. Always inspect your chewable item regularly and replace it if you notice the damage. If chewed on too aggressively the chew fidget could break into small pieces and be swallowed. Not recommended for children under three. Colors may be slightly different due to viewing on different devices.

Chewable Item Care

 *The color might be slightly different due to lighting and computer displays.


Chew Scale - Halfway between Mild and Moderate