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Furry Ear Keychain Sensory Toy

Furry Ear Keychain Sensory Toy

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Furry Ear Keychain

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Not your average stuffed toy friend, your furry eared keychain is perfect for soothing snuggles on the go and doubly cute as a whimsical accessory! It clips easily on your bag and is small enough to sleep in your hands. This little one can encourage serenity as you watch it dream. Without visible eyes, it stays in its slumber even in the loudest of places. It is perfect for soft touch sensory wishes. For a gentle tickling sensation, run your fingers along the tips of its ears as it does. Or place the bunny ears between your fingers to adore the softness along each digit. It is also partial to squeezes with a firm center surrounded by pillows of downy faux fur. It comes in lots of fashion fun colours as well as neutrals perfect for youngsters and teens. Adults and teens may appreciate using the keychain holder for keys especially if you have a tendency to lose them and desire a larger keychain you can easily see and feel. The bonus lobster claw style clip further ensures your keys will be easily at hand when you need them. The furry eared keychain is a friend for many needs from toddler to adulthood.

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  • Function: Sensory Toy
  • Age Range: > Toddlers 
  • Material: Faux Fur, Fabric