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Metal Spinning Top

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Metal Spinning Top

"You spin me, right round baby, right round..."

Perhaps the oldest known manufactured stim toys in the world, spinning tops have been used to stimulate, fascinate, and concentrate our minds for at least six thousand years.

This tiny top is a perfect pocket-sized stim at 28mm (1 1/8”) high. Carved out of solid aluminum, and sporting a knurled grip, it can be spun incredibly fast, and with its narrow, low friction, machined tip this solid and durable toy can spin for upwards of two minutes on hard surfaces. You'll have plenty of time to collect your thoughts or that idea that's been hovering at the edge of your consciousness. Supplied in a small, fabric drawstring bag, this simple yet elegant stim can sit in your pocket undamaged by change or keys and be ready whenever you need it.

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WARNING: Choking Hazard due to the tops small size. These are made from zinc alloy and measuring (Approx): 27.5mm (diameter) x 32mm. Supervision advised for younger than three years old.