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Bike Chain Fidget

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Bike Chain Fidget Ring

Just like our Bike Chain Key Ring Fidget this Bike Chain Fidget is round like a ring. You can fit it onto the end of your finger and spin it or just stim with it in your hand. The feeling when it spins around the end of your finger is very relaxing. These are addictive to fidget with and are small and discrete. The repetitive motion of the bike chain fidgets are very soothing and can help calm or focus. If you are looking for a small and discrete stim toy give this one a try. With its small size, this stim is a perfect fit for your pocket fidgets and would be great for a school or office setting.

The bike chain fidget ring can be a choking hazard so not recommended for children under three. This stim toy is about the same circumference as a quarter so it's very discrete. Wheels are made out of rubber and the bike chain is metal.