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Telephone Cord Bracelet Fidget 10pcs - Happy Hands Toys

Telephone Cord Bracelet Fidget 10pcs

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Telephone Cord Bracelet


Easy and portable the Telephone Cord Bracelet crosses the frontier between a fun fidget and a useful fashion or hair accessory. As a fidget, stretch it over your palm, pull twisting one end and release or wrap one around your finger temporarily. Both actions will impart a calming squeeze to help release tension. Ball two up in one hand and squish them enjoying the pressure in your palm. Run your fingers along the coils, twist two together and pull to see the colours unite. The striped double colour bracelets are looser with less resistance. These fidgets are virtually soundless when played with and not likely to cause disruption. They look small, to begin with, but once they have been played with or worn in the hair the cords widen enough to wear comfortably on the wrist. But unlike other hair elastics, as the telephone cords widen the coils shrink into perfect spirals and just look cuter. Worn in the hair, the cord undulates in stretched out waves perfect surrounding a bun or spiraling around a ponytail. They come in solid colours, stripes, transparent, sparkles or fun patterns to highlight any outfit. There are ten in a package. Great for ages three and up.

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  • Function: fidgeting
  • Material: Plastic / Metallic has braided covering
  • Age Range: > 3 years
  • Size: 2" diameter