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Rainbow Snake Puzzle Toy 72 Piece - Happy Hands Toys

Snake Puzzle Fidget

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Rainbow Snake Puzzle Toy

Although widely described as a puzzle, these are not exactly difficult to solve. The joy in these clicky, twisty toys is both in the endless variety of three-dimensional shapes you can make, and the tactile sensation as each rotated piece clicks satisfyingly into place when turned.

Each snake is made up of 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72 interlocking triangular segments that rotate 180° and click into place at 0, 90, and 180°. The segments are made in two different colors so you can twist the snake into all sorts of satisfying shapes and patterns to please the eye.

Whilst it's relatively quiet, it might irritate people nearby so this is a stim that's best for the solitary thinker who wants a visual and tactile focus to allow their minds to roam free of the many distractions of modern life.

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Warning: Choking hazard! If broken or taken apart it could cause a choking hazard.

Note: These are made in China and the boxes do have Chinese writing on them.