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Scarab Hand Putty - Happy Hands Toys

Scarab Hand Putty

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Scarab Hand Putty

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Like the beetle that shares its name, the Scarab Putty will dazzle you with its metallic glistening sheen. Stretch it out slowly into the glass like ribbons folding them over on each other in waves. Pull it apart sharply until it breaks leaving an admirable, raw, sheered edge. Visually and tactile appealing, this putty has a rubbery feel and bounces if you shape it into a ball. Mold it and sculpt it as desired or just massage it in your hand to reduce stress and strengthen hand muscles. It offers wonderful resistance to physical therapy. When you are finished, place it in its tin and let it rest. The next time you choose to play you will be delighted to find it has spread to the edges of the tin creating a smooth, glassy, translucent disc that you can pry out in one piece. Massage it to return the putty to a pliable form. It comes in three scarab beetle metallic colours and is great for ages three to adulthood.

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  • Function: Tactile Fidget
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Specifications: 60g