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Handmade Knitted Marble Fidget - Support Autistic Artists

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Knitted Marble Fidget

If you like small finger fidgets, this handmade knitted marble fidget toy could be for you! Perfect for one or two-handed fidgeting and small enough for easy portability. Made from soft yarn, the knitted pocket contains a hard marble that is flat on one side and smoothly round on the other. The outside has a soft and bumpy texture that you can run your fingers over and you can pinch the marble back and forth for subtle quiet stimming.

Support Autistic Artists!

Care: Machine washable and dryable.

About The Artist

White appearing person facing the camera with their head slightly tilted to the left. They have long, dark, wavy hair that is dyed teal on the ends. They have a slight smile and are looking into the camera. They are wearing a white tank top and a crystal necklace on a black cord.

Elliot Johnson (he/they) is an autistic artist who works primarily with knitting and crochet. They are very excited to combine his passion for knitting with his love of stimming. You can find more of his work here: