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DNA Twist Fidget Yellow - Happy Hands Toys

DNA Twist

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DNA Twist Fidget Toy

These are probably the most interesting toys we have come across and for sure one of the coolest. The DNA twist also is known as a Lollipopter, is a toy in which you hold the metal rod in between your hands and move your hands in opposite directions to make the DNA twist spin. This fidget is a delight for visual, tactile, and auditory stimming. The whole fidget vibrates as each tine stops with a ting and the colors blur during the fast spinning. Once you get it going, it will form a DNA design; switch directions again to make a pinecone like shape. These are super easy to move and very calming. 

Note: The bases might be one of two colors but they match at least one of the colors on the DNA twist. Warning: The plastic pieces can break off it bent causing a choking hazard. Ages 5 and up.