How to take care of your fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are fun, and as with anything in life, how you take care of it will depend on how long the fun lasts. Below I've listed the main tips for cleaning and taking care of your fidget spinner.

  • Don't add grease or lubricant - Grease and lubricant will slow down your spinner. Bearings are used in mechanical items for movement and when using a bearing under high pressure or high rpm, grease and lubricant are required to not destroy the bearings from friction. A spinner fidget is neither spinning fast enough nor under any pressure so does not require lubrication. You want the bearings to move as free as possible and not moving through thick goop. 
  • Rust happens - It can happen in any humid environment and your spinners could have been exposed to that humidity before you even had it. If you spinner spent any length of time in a warehouse it's probably been exposed to humidity and will eventually start to rust. You can clean rust by using vinegar, alcohol, toothbrush, and a hair dryer. Watch the video below to see how to clean rust out of your spinner.
  • Dust and grime - Oils from your fingers and plain old dust in the air will eventually make their way into your bearings and start to slow down your spinner. To slow this down, keep your spinner in a case or bag when not in use. You can also clean your spinner by using rubbing alcohol, a tooth brush, and hair dryer. The video below show removing rust, but the same procedure can be used with just alcohol.
  • Noisy spinner - Here is where you are going to have to make a choice between speed and noise. If you need a quiet spinner and aren't worried about the length of or speed of spin, you can add a very thin light weight oil (affiliate link). Yes, this goes against tip #1, but that's the cost for a quiet spinner. 

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