What is Your Unique Need?

We started our store after having struggled with understanding our own son's support needs, so when we receive replies from customers who have unique needs we get really excited. We received a message from Hayley, from the United Kingdom, who had found a small fidget spinner on our site and wanted to let us know that it was the first one she found that might work for her son.

Her son, Owen, who has Down Syndrome and ADHD and is a teenager, wanted a fidget spinner but they were finding it difficult to find a spinner that he could use due to having smaller hands. Most spinners were just too big.

It was important to Owen to have a spinner as it is the latest craze and all the kids at school had them. He was frustrated and who could blame him; being a teen is a constant battle to be included.

In my opinion, the spinner Hayley had found on our site was "ok", but it isn't one of the "cool" spinners. I know how judgmental teens can be and wanted to make sure that Owen got a cool spinner he could use. We worked with Hayley and Owen to figure out all the possibilities and we found a bunch of cool spinners that would work for him. He has a collection now and is really into them.

We have to thank Hayley and Owen for helping us learn about his unique needs. If they hadn't reached out we wouldn't have some of the items we have today.

If you have a unique need, please contact us. We would love to help you find that one item (or many) that you've been trying to find.

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