The Best Wearable Fidgets

The Best Wearable Fidgets!

Having wearable fidgets can be a lifesaver. Have you ever been in a meeting or at school and you start bouncing your leg? Well, most have and that is a way of stimming to release energy in a situation where you have to sit still for a long period of time. So is doodling, playing with your hair, playing with a pencil, or cracking knuckles along with many more. This is a list of wearable fidgets that you can take anywhere to relieve anxiety or to promote focus. Let's get started!

Spinner Rings
This is one of the most discrete fidgets in my opinion due to the fact that most people would just see a ring. But they are so much more than just a ring. Most spinner rings consist of a metal band around your finger like most rings. What sets these apart from other rings is they have an inset or a second ring around the main band. They are usually free-spinning metal on metal although some might have tinny metal bearings in them. In other words, the middle of the ring spins freely allowing the user to spin it with their other fingers. Some wear them on their pointer finger and spin them with their thumbs or in reverse wearing the ring on the thumb and spinning it with the pointer finger.

Telephone Cord Bracelets
Pull them, stretch them, or roll them up and down your arm. These are so simple and really cheap. They are not as discrete as spinner rings but they are colorful and can match any outfit or style. Anyone older remembers playing with the phone cord as a kid. It's something about the curly cord that just promotes play. We carry six styles of bracelets and you get ten per package.

Chewable Necklaces
Chewelry is a term for chew-able jewelry or chewies. People with oral sensory issues ( Like my son ) use these to self regulate and to calm nerves. My son started chewing on cords and clothes from a young age and grew out of it but some do not. These are usually made from %100 food-grade silicone and come in all shapes and colors. Some are thick for aggressive chewers or thin and small for light nibbling.

Slap Bracelets
This is another throwback toy that even I remember. These bracelets are fun and fashionable and as of now, we have two different styles. Simply straighten the bracelet out, then slap the curved side on your wrist to have it wrap around.

First is the rubber spiky slap bracelet. These feel really nice and the rubber spikes are softer and not sharp at all. Running your hands along the spikes is very soothing and calming.

Second, is the sequin slap bracelets that change color when you run your hand over them in one direction, then run your hand the other way to change the color back. They also feature a soft velvet-like material on the inside of the band.

Zipper Bracelets
The zipper bracelet is just what it sounds like. It features a plastic zipper that works just like it should giving you a fidget on the go. These are brightly colored and have an easy release clasp. The feeling on your arm is really neat when zipping and unzipping the bracelets. They will break if pulled on too hard so make sure to be gentle.







Finger Massage Rings
These little metal rings feel amazing when rolled up and down your finger. The rings are pretty discrete but not as much as the spinner rings due to the unique design. The massage rings come in a pack of five and come in gold and silver. These would be perfect for an office or school setting. They are small and silent but feel awesome.


In conclusion, these are marvelous wearable fidgets to take anywhere and they look great. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and thanks for reading!


Andrew Harms
Happy Hands Toys 


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