Fidget Toys That Are Actually Worth Buying

Fidget Toys That Are Actually Worth Buying

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The 21st century has a collection of several fashion trends. In previous days, we saw that the fidget spinners took over this dynamic trend of the world, and these toys were found in the hands of everyone, including children and adults. What we will be discussing here is about conversion disorder and how does it connect with the fidgeting toys, why fidgeting toys are good or bad for health and which of these toys are the best to be bought.

Conversion Disorder 

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If we look at the definition of the diagnostic category named "Conversion Disorder", it is a mental condition where one's brain converts mental stress into physical symptoms. Physical symptoms like paralysis, numbness, fits or something worse are displayed by the patient who has recently gone through a trauma of some sort. This could be a result of losing a loved one or a tragic accident. When one is unable to channel his emotions properly, the stress causes him/her internal conflicts, which will ultimately make him hurt someone or maybe even him. The symptoms of such a mental condition are that an individual feels the urge to perform uncontrollable actions/movements, could experience tunnel vision or blindness, his/her senses (like smelling, touching or talking) can deteriorate and can even go through paralysis or feel numbness. But how does Conversion disorder connect to our topic of fidgeting toys here?

How Does Conversion Disorder Connect With Fidgeting Toys?

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As we have discussed earlier, one of the symptoms of Conversion Disorder is that an individual feels the urge to indulge in uncontrollable movements/actions. These movements can include fidgeting. If you feel like clicking pen subconsciously in a boring class while concentrating or shaking your leg when working on something then maybe you are a patient of Conversion Disorder and may need medical help, or maybe it is just anxiety.

Fidgeting Toys; Advantages 

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There are several forms of fidgeting like cracking your knuckles, twirling with your hair, chewing back of your pen, playing with your ring out of the subconscious, clicking pen, or even shaking legs. Fidgeting toys allow an individual to fidget without disturbing others around them with the involuntary noise. Other forms of fidgeting might have painful consequences, like biting nails can end up drawing blood from your fingers if the nails are bitten excessively or roaming around can reduce one's productiveness and efficiency in normal tasks of the day. This is why fidgeting toys are good because they are physically harmless and can help one in satisfying their needs of mindless and uncontrollable movements. Apart from satisfying the needs, there is much more that these fidgeting toys help you with. Some of these benefits of fidgeting toys are stated below:

  • They Serve As Minor Distractions: Fidget toys can help you gain your focus and concentration in times of anxiety as well. They provide a break to one's brain, which results in more productivity and concentration and even increasing the attention span of an individual.
  • They Can Have a Calming Effect on Your Mind And Body: When mental conditions like anxiety, stress or even conversion disorder run your mind, they are most likely to affect your body, especially fingers and hands. When these kinds of conditions strike an individual, cramping, restlessness, tingling, and shaking follow. When fidgeting toys don't exactly help the conditions in a direct manner, they can calm one's mind as many experts claim that fidgeting acts as a calming mechanism.

Disadvantages of Fidgeting Toys:

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When we have discussed several pros of these toys, there are a few cons of the thing as well.

  • Overuse:
    It is a common thing when something healthy or productive is overused and results in creating more problems than solving the existing ones. Overuse of these fidgeting toys is one of those examples. When it helps an individual to concentrate more on things or classes, these fidgeting toys can be the very reason why people may not concentrate on something important. When some of the students use these toys to concentrate better in the class, some use these toys to actually distract themselves.
  • Price:
    When things come out as fashion or trend, the more costly they end up being. Same is the case with the fidgeting toys. When these mind-relaxing toys help you in several ways, they can put a real strain on your or your parents’ pockets. The main suggestion for this fact is that the most economical fidgeting toys should be bought to keep things calm and small.

Which Fidgeting Toys Should Be Bought?
There are several online and traditional stores providing the buyers with these fidgeting toys. But there are several factors to be well aware of before you buy one.

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