Drew's Reviews - Chewable Necklace

The first in new series featuring Andrew (who wants to be a famous "youtube") reviewing the fidgets he's been using. I told him to not hold back so that our customers can know what to expect with each item and we chose his chewable necklace to start since that is his most used fidget. For a kid who forgets everything, I'm thrilled that his necklace has become so permanent for him. He fidgets with it constantly and it's really helped him to concentrate and focus. 

Drew's Reviews

Andrew was super excited to do this review and drew a picture for the intro. Unfortunately, it didn't translate well in the video, so I wanted to showcase it here in the blog. We'll use that for all blogs that include a "Drew's Review" so you can easily find them. Please feel free to comment and let us know if there's anything, in particular, you'd like him to review.

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  • What an awesome job Andrew did on this review. I love Drew’s reviews!

    Andy Harms

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