Top 5 Favorite Fidgets

I love fidgets and getting to try all these are really fun. I thought I'd write about my top 5 favorite fidgets and sensory toys. A year ago I really had no clue what a fidget toy really was and now after watching my son utilize them, I've found myself addicted to them.



I absolutely love the simplicity of the Bike Chain Key Ring Fidget and the reason I start out the top 5 fidgets with this. With a great repetitive motion, I can fiddle with it for hours and not even realize it. I love the small size so it' easily fits in my pocket and is there when I get anxious or upset like at the bank when there are one teller and a huge line or at Walmart for obvious reasons. When I'm working I use it a lot as well. I carry it everywhere I go and thus my #1 fidget.

Bike chain key ring fidget


The next one is the Brass Bar Spinner. I love the weight of this spinner and it's smaller size. It has an amazing spin time of 5:30 on a flat surface. It is easy to spin in one hand with a flick of your finger. It is also very, very quiet so playing with it at the office or in school would be no problem. This is my second choice because I bring this with me 90% of the time and catch myself playing with it a bunch.

Brass bar spinner fidget


Next is something we just got about three weeks ago, but I'm already addicted to it. This is more of a desk/sensory toy than an EDC. The Magnetic Sensory Balls are so fun and again addicting with their spiky exterior and bright gold color making them a magnificent sensory fidget. The magnets are not the strongest but strong enough to hold them together. They are a plastic but the really good quality I think.

spiky sensory balls


Coming in fourth is the Aluminum Tri-Spinner Fidget. With its smooth outside and great bearings, it's almost a silent spinner. I really like the original spinner design because you can spin it many different ways like holding onto the bearing in the arm and trying to spin it past your palm. I just like the simple design and quality products.

Aluminum tri spinner fidget

Lastly is the Gamepad Fidget. First off I love the feel of the softer plastic shell. It's not hard and smooth and cheap feeling. The joystick and the slider on the side are smooth with a great rebound. The rollers on the bottom click into place when spun and two of the four buttons on the face click, the other two are quiet. The roller on the top has a textured feel and rolls smoothly. There is a switch on the back and around the circle that spins on the other side. Along with its small size and functional buttons and switches, it just looks cool. I use this fidget a lot!

gamepad fidget


I use all these often and I'm thrilled with the quality. I hope this makes it easier picking out your first or next fidget. Thanks for reading and leave a comment about your favorite fidgets or sensory toys!


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