5 Best Puzzle Fidget Toys

5 Best Puzzle Fidget Toys

Some would say a puzzle fidget is not fidgets. I get it. Fidget toys are usually smaller and easy to carry.  As many people have stated, fidgets can be anything from a piece of string to a fidget tool used specifically for stimming. I think puzzle toys are fidget related, being you can use it as you wish. Try to solve it by just move it around for a calming activity or try to solve it. Puzzle fidgets can really hone in your concentration and block outside stimulation that can overwhelm some people. I wanted to show off five great puzzle toys for everyone to check out.

Pocket Slider Puzzle
I feel this first puzzle falls into the EDC (Everyday Carry) category because it is a keychain puzzle that can travel with you wherever you go. Some might remember the old flat slider puzzle from the past. This one takes it to a new level with its round barrel design. These are challenging but very enjoyable to move the little squares around, trying to line up the colors correctly. There are three rotating sections in the cylinder with six squares in each section. Then there is an open square in which you can move another square into the open spot to line up the colors. Keep moving the colors around until you line them up vertically to solve this fun little keychain puzzle. 

Rainbow Puzzle Ball
The rainbow puzzle ball is not an EDC, but it is super fun and just like the slider puzzle, this can be played with to solve or just to move the balls to different holes. This puzzle toy could be used to work on finger dexterity since it does take a bit of force to push in the small colored balls to move them to an open spot. To solve this one, much like the slider, you start with an open hole. Your goal is to move all the small colored balls to the holes with the corresponding color. This puzzle toy is easier than the other ones listed here but it can still be challenging. This puzzle is really fun and I would highly recommend it to any puzzle lover or to use as a fidget toy.

Money Maze Puzzle Box
Next up is one of the more challenging puzzle fidgets on the list. This stim tool is actually a piggy bank, but to get the money out you have to solve the puzzle to unlock it. You start out with the ball in the open/starting location and your goal is to rotate the puzzle and move the ball through the maze to get to the end. Once the ball is at the end of the maze, you can push the slider and open the bank. The puzzle can be frustrating since there are a couple of very challenging sections of the maze. Nonetheless, there is a lot of fun to be had with this fun piggy bank fidget toy.

Burr Bamboo Puzzles
These are sustainable, ecologically friendly, and challenging. The small puzzles are mostly easy while the larger ones can be extremely challenging. The puzzle starts out solved and your job is to study it before you take it apart. Your second goal is to try and put it back together. The pieces stay together really well when fully solved but sometimes frustrating to hold while solving. I would recommend these for someone who is patient and good at problem-solving. WARNING SPOILER BELOW! This is our 16-year-old autistic son showing solutions. He is so good at these!

Magnetic Puzzle Ball

This is one of my favorite puzzle toys ever. Any fan of the game Tetris would appreciate this puzzle fidget. The puzzle starts in a cube form and you can solve it by putting it back together. This puzzle comes with playing cards and different challenges to solve them. Try to make the shapes on the cards only using certain pieces adding an extra challenge and extending the usability of the fidget. All the tetromino pieces have magnets in them so they will stay together while working on the puzzle. These are made very well and are very sturdy.

In conclusion, these puzzles can be used in the way they were intended or just to fidget around with something to help self regulate. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.


Andrew Harms
Co-Owner of Happy Hands Toys

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