10 Great Stocking Stuffers From Happy Hands!

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At Happy Hands Toys, we have tons of great stocking stuffers but I wanted to take a moment and show our favorites for the holidays. These are great for boys and girls, young and old. I love the fact that getting these for kids will keep them busy until later in the morning creating a calmer Christmas Day.


The SqueezPuffer toyse Toy Bundle is a great and quiet way to stay calm on Christmas day. Squeeze, pull, bounce, and throw these LED puffers and one Squeeze Ball. Wonderful sensory tactile toys for kids or adults with autism or special needs. Get that energy out and work towards a calm mind and a calm body. 


#9: Fidget Zipper Bracelet

Simple but very useful to use in stressful situations of when Zipper bracelet overstimulation happening. Great sensory fidget that is stylish yet fun! The feeling of the zipping motion is very relaxing and is great for individuals who tend to fidget with their clothes. It is a great focusing tool for autism, add, ADHD, anxiety and special needs. 


#8: Shark Pendant Chewable Necklace

For anyone tShark Chewable Pendant Necklacehat needs to chew or has a habit of chewing on things, these cute shark necklaces can be a lifesaver. Beware of sharks!  Chewable shark pendant on black satin cording with breakaway plastic clasp provides great sensory input that looks so cool all the kids will want one. You can fidget with your hands or mouth. Helps with anxiety, nail-biting, teeth grinding and great for sensory chewing in individuals with autism, ADHD, and special needs. Silicone chewelry can be boiled to sterilize, put in the dishwasher, or washed by hand with mild soap and water. 


#7: Rainbow Spinner Ring

Another quieRainbow Spinner Ringt and fashionable stocking stuffer more suited for older kids or younger adults. I wear my spinner ring every day and I swear by its usefulness. This Rainbow Rhinestone Spinner Ring is perfect for stealthy stimming on the go. The ring is sturdy and well made. It has a nice shiny stainless steel band (that won't turn your fingers green) - complete with fun rainbow gemstone accents. The gemmed outer band spins freely and easily. 


#6: Crystal Clear Slime

This is a gooClear Slimed one for young and old. I play with this slime a lot and I can say it's not messy and not sticky on hands. It isn't too runny and shouldn't be a problem with younger kids. Slime is the newest craze, but for sensory input and feel it can be very helpful for people with ASD. Crystal clear slime comes in wonderfully creative fruit cases that come apart and the outer ring can be worn as a bracelet. This slime is translucent with a color tint that matches its fruit case. It stretches with warmth but if you pull it quick it breaks.


#5: Spiky Magnetic Balls

I LOVE theSpiky Magnetic Ballsse spiky magnet balls! Very addicting to fidget with they are made out of hard plastic and have a sharp prickly feeling as well as being magnetic. Visually appealing, these two gleaming sunny orbs are perfect for use in one hand or two for anyone ages five to adulthood. Unlike other spiky fidgets, the Spiky Sensory Magnetic Hand Toy is made from hard plastic and does not give when you squeeze your hand around it. The resistance of each nodule provides beneficial and satisfying pressure. Be sure to roll it around each finger to gratify your touch seeking nerves and ease that restless squirmy feeling. But here is the best part: Each orb is lightly magnetized!



These are Cube spinnera favorite of kids and adults. We've seen the spinner craze come and go but the engineering or these is pretty impressive. They are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning. Brand new square fidget spinners are incredibly designed and look absolutely amazing. They are smaller in size and are made out of metal. You hold on to the corners and spin the middle.


#3: Game Controller Fidget Pads

Just like consGame Pad Fidgetole game controllers, these are also a favorite for gamers of all ages. Fairly quiet often than a couple of buttons that click they are really fun to fidget with. A game controller pad is great to fidget with for teens or adults! With nine functions the joystick works like a real game controller joystick, four buttons on the front (two make clicking noises two are quite), two roller buttons on the bottom and 1 switch like button and one slider with spring back. A great fidget for people who love to play video games and want a portable, small game console controller fidget on the go.


#2: Mini Infinity Cube Fidget

These are Mini Infinity Cubemy personal favorite fidgets of all time! I have one next to me almost every day and my son adores him as well when he is focusing on school work. Watch in wonder at the little cube that flips for infinity times over! Similar to the motion of Jacob's ladder, you control the movement. Begin with the open sides of the cube facing up. Flip the sides down flat into a rectangle shape. Next, encouraged by gravity, the rectangle will want to split down the middle the long way first, then in half to form a cube again. Want to see it again? There is no need to flip it over because the motion continues the same as the first time!


#1: All Of Our Hand Putties

Color Changing Putty

I had to inclColor Changing Puttiesude them all because they are all so unique and different. Probably the best selling and most loved fidget/sensory toy. Tickle your inner artistic love of color with the Amazing Colour Changing Putty! Like all putty, you can manipulate, knead, twist, stretch and pleat it but with the added pleasure of body heat-activated color-changing fun. It is art in real-time, fluctuating while you create. When you are finished it will cool and settle back into its resting color, ready to be remolded into something new.

Magnetic Putty

Ready to cMagnetic Hand Puttyombine your love of putty with your love for magnets? Like all putty, the Magnetic Hand Putty is great for building hand strength, making creative designs, stretching, pressing, folding and carving but it has the additional pleasure of being magnetic! Accessorized with its very own robust square magnet, playability can be transformed from ordinary into a scientific examination or a contemporary art form. Watch the magnet slowly sink into the putty until it buries itself and you must dig it out again, hunting for buried treasure.

Scarab Putty

Like the beeScarab Puttytle that shares its name, the Scarab Putty will dazzle you with its metallic glistening sheen. Stretch it out slowly into the glass-like ribbons folding them over on each other in waves. Pull it apart sharply until it breaks leaving an admirable, raw, sheared edge. Visually and tactile appealing, this putty has a rubbery feel and bounces if you shape it into a ball. Mold it and sculpt it as desired or just massage it in your hand to reduce stress and strengthen hand muscles.



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