10 Fidget Toys That Are Cheap But Effective!

10 Fidget Toys That Are Cheap

From the beginning, Happy Hands Toys was started by the Harms family to sell fidget toys and sensory toys that were cheap but effective in helping people with any number of sensory or anxiety issues. We wanted to sell quality stim toys at a very reasonable price and we have scoured the globe to find the best products for our store. We also offer free shipping in the U.S. so you can see exactly what you are paying.

In our search, we have gotten feedback from our amazing customers about which stims worked the best for them or just ones they really loved. I thought I would list 10 toys that are cheap, but extremely effective. The hardest part about this list is not all fidget toys work for each individual, but these are the ones that worked best for most people. Let's get started!


Zipper Bracelet

Starting off as the cheapest fidget toy is the Zipper Bracelet. These are made from plastic and can be broken if pulled on too hard but wow do people love these. Having something to fidget with that is on your body or that you don't have to carry is a lifesaver. The repetitive motion is very reassuring and calming.

Telephone Cord Bracelet

Next, we have the Telephone Cord Bracelet. These are just as marvelous as the zipper bracelets for the fact that you can wear these where ever you go. My son wore one of these for almost two years and used it frequently. You can pull on them or roll them back and forth on your wrist. The bright colors and smooth finish make these a must-have.

Finger Massage Rings

The first time most people try these rings the reaction is either "oh that's nice" or "I don't like it". Much like the water beads, these are not for everyone but overwhelmingly most people love the sensation of them. I find them to be very calming and pacifying to roll up and down your fingers.

Sensory Water Beads

Like I stated above, these are not for everyone due to the wet squishy texture. When we had these out at an Autism conference not too long ago, most people loved them. They can be messy if they are broke open but are totally a sensory delight. The feeling of these when they are filled with water is hard to put into words. We carry small and large beads.

Squishy Bean

This is another great fidget that fits in any pocket or can be carried on a key chain. The soft rubber feeling is just alluring as the peas pop out with a lovely smiley face. Having something small to carry around makes the pea pod fidget ideal for anyone on the go.

Click Tracks Fidget

I seem to remember these being around a long time ago just like the Rubic's snake puzzle. These are addicting as you can make many configurations and even pull them apart to make multiple shapes or even interlocking rings. With endless possibilities, the click track is one of my personal favorites.

Spinning Tops

One of the oldest toys around, the top has been used by millions of people worldwide. These, however, are an enhanced design and made from metal making them spin really well. No cheap plastic here. The tops have a really good weight and two very precise designs. They are a must-have for any office setting.

Marble And Mesh

Most of us have seen these around, but until you try one you might not know how useful they are. Another stim toy with a splendid repetitive motion that can help even the most frazzled nerves. These continue to be a top seller as well as very reasonably priced. Squeeze one end and move the marble back and forth with minimal effort.

Spikey Magnetic Balls

Like the massage rings, these are not for everyone as they are fairly pointed. Once again, overwhelmingly, people love the feeling of these. The balls even have magnets in them so there are even more ways to use these. Rolling them in your hands feels absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend them! Get these in gold or silver.

Bike Chain Key Ring

I would have this on the top due to my love for them. They are not as low-priced, so they are going to go last. I have one of these in my pocket right now. I can't say enough about these little, simple, but effective fidgets. As with most the repetition of this stim is soothing and calming to me and many others. Cheap and effective. Also, see bike chain ring.


You can get any of these fidgets for under $10 making them cheap to try out. Never give up on fidget toys as I have seen them work with many people as a way to focus and relax their minds. Some of these might not be as effective for your individual needs, but over time I have found if you keep looking for the right fidget, you will find one that works for you. Thanks for reading!

Andrew Harms
Co-Owner of Happy Hands Toys



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