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An Ask and a Thank You to the Autistic Community

I've been meaning to write this for some time as it's been gnawing at my brain. It will probably be long and rambling because I write as I think, s...
Autistamatic's Spinner Ring Review

Autistamatic's Spinner Ring Review

We want to give a huge thank you to Quinn for this incredible spinner ring review! Make sure to check out more great videos about autism from Quinn...
Fidget Toys AND Sensory Processing

Fidget Toys AND Sensory Processing

Fidget Toys AND Sensory Processing This is another video from another friend of Happy Hands. This video was done by Purple Ella and you can find he...


"A nice, wide selection of products, with an easy enough website to navigate. Products ship fairly quickly considering the free cost. And it's easy to converse with administration about any issues with orders/products."

Nicholas Donahue

"love the little zipper fidget that came free with my mini Infinity Cube. Very prompt turn around time and delivery, ordered and delivered all in one week! Thanks Happy Hands!"

Jeff Bender

Owen has received 4 of the spinners and yes he can use them all. He loves them. I shall try and get some pictures of him using them and send them to you over weekend. We all love them. Massive thankyou to you both, it means so much to us!

Hayley Mills

Just got my items today, including the nice green zipper fidget bracelet! My bike chain fidgets are amazing and I am thankful that a company like this exists. Will definitely shop again!