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Fidget toys that are fun, fashionable, and functional.

COVID-19 Update

5/18/2020 - International Sales Suspended

Due to the changing nature of the current pandemic we, unfortunately, have come to the conclusion that we will have to suspend international sales until further notice. We are sad to have to come to this decision, but we value our customers' experience and currently our overseas shipments are being greatly delayed and even undeliverable to some areas. There's nothing worse than waiting for that fun new fidget to be told that it cant be delivered or will take months to arrive. We have also had shipping costs rise for overseas orders and while we tried to continue to bear the brunt of the increased shipping costs, we can no longer feasibly continue. We have looked and are continuing to look at other options and want you to know that we will do everything we can to get international orders going again. We want to apologize to our overseas customers for the disappointment and we hope we will be able to serve you again soon. Until then please stay safe and healthy.

The Harms Family

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email at contact@happyhands.toys or orders@happyhands.toys.

Limited U.S. Shipping

Due to the CODIV-19 outbreak, we will be using all sterilization steps (masks, gloves, sterilizing surfaces, etc.) during fulfilling orders and will be practicing social distancing by reducing our trips to the post office. 

Orders will be going out two times a week to reduce the risk of spread by visiting the post office. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience, but feel this in the best interest of social health.  

We hope you and your families are healthy and safe.

If you are feeling particularly anxious over the current situation and news, we encourage you to reach out to the many mental health peer groups online such as MH Crisis Angels @MHCrisisAngels on twitter. 


"I was thrilled to see that you offer free shipping and I was happy to be able to buy most of the items I was seeking from you vs. from the big A since I know I'm supporting a small business by buying directly from you. And even more thrilled to find a coupon code which meant that I purchased a couple more items than I planned to buy, which I will give away to friends. :)"

Andrew D

"They had exactly what my son was looking for and I loved the free shipping option!"

Toni G

"Easy-to-follow website. Helpful descriptions of items. Toys look great. Can't wait to start using them in the classroom."

Elana H

Just got my items today, including the nice green zipper fidget bracelet! My bike chain fidgets are amazing and I am thankful that a company like this exists. Will definitely shop again!


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